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bands/musicals I adore
mother mother
steam powered giraffe
insane clown posse (and other psychopathic records artists: dark lotus, jamie madrox & blaze ya dead homie! ♥)
foster the people
21 chump street
wild party
hamilton (broadway musical)
dear evan hansen
ken ashcorp
your favourite martian
panic! at the disco
my chemical romance
twenty one pilots
ewert and the two dragons
two door cinema club
milky change

animation nd other stuff i like a lot
ed edd n eddy
warriors (book franchise)
the sims 3
steven universe
rick and morty
cowboy bebop
parasyte the maxim
erased (boku dake ga inai machi)
tokyo ghoul
one punch man
pokemon fire red
kid n teenagers
my life as a teenage robot


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu May 11, 2017, 5:05 AM
im gonna buy art shit tomorrow, some b pencils because i heard theyre good for sketching, theyre smudgy but easy to erase n shit and i wanna doodle lots! 
maybe a sketchbook too and colouring pencils, mayb prismacolours or something like that and black ballpoint pen stuff 

  • Listening to: david guetta - sexy bitch feat akon
  • Reading: warriors: into the wild
  • Playing: amnesia
  • Eating: chicken and rice
wait shit how did i add that to references
I took the axe
Perhaps I had a relapse
I seen a pretty pretty neck
And I couldn't relax

oh well

Journal Entry: Fri May 5, 2017, 11:02 AM
please dont expect me to post this month! ;) my tablet isnt working!
i need to buy a new tablet, ive picked wacom one medium
For now, I will resume writing my ocs biographies and I may also write other stuff
theres also the teeny tiny possibility i will get used to traditional art
my traditional art supplies aren't very fine, 'ts just cheap junk sketchbooks and those winnie the pooh hb pencils i bought ironically (theyre very cute!) but it'll do! 

  • Listening to: Joe Goddard - Home
  • Watching: youtube
  • Eating: a bad omelette i made
  • Drinking: cold tap water
callout post for Alexandrialovescats and Shennnigou111 for ruining my shoutbox with shitposts! theyd make a mean destructive duo! ):<
im having problems with my tablet and SAI, i havent posted in (almost) a month im so sorry!! how do you feel about this
11 deviants said i wont unwatch you for being inactive
No deviants said please submit art soon or i'll unwatch you
Rule: Spell out your user and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there is letters
spicylaurens has to do it!

s: still don't give a fuck - eminem
u: U.N.I.T.Y - Queen Latifah
p: problems - mother mother
p: pictures - ewert and the two dragons
I: I'm coming home - icp
n: neighbour - mother mother
e: eiolemulolla - Põhja-Tallinn
I: infinitesimal - mother mother
u: untrue unfaithful (that was you) - Nita Rossi

Alexandrialovescats (; spicylaurens sopppo AxelHasNoLife pixl-potato Cathyuka tamakiin Shennnigou111 Viking-of-Estonia
im always a slut for apps that work offline
we should be a squad, once i fix my keyboard and tablet (next weekend) I'll draw us ;)
Alexandrialovescats Shennnigou111
im sorry 4 not uploadin 4 half a month! 
sai is malfunctioning, reinstallin it didnt work, i must get adjusted to medibang until i figure out the solution to my problem n theres other issues too
nervous giggle

do you feel used?
well, I would too, I would too, oooh!
i just learned and realized that if i'd been born a day later i'd share my birthday with hitler and also i'd have been born on 4/20 :'(
Person A: God, you’re such a dick/pussy.
Person B: Well, you are what you eat.
Person A: What.
Person B: What.




It has such a special place in my heart
I know my grammar isn't perfect

but English is, besides art, something I'm really passionate about

And I ain't gonna lie
I can use it better than my native language

It's difficult and complicated at times
But that's what makes it so FUN!

You can say stuff in English that you can't in any other language
The flexibility of the language itself makes me so comfortable and happy
There are so many ways to say sth
It's an incredibly colourful language!!

I love the vocabulary, I love the accents, I love the expressions

The fact it lets me communicate to people all around the world is incredible!

I've made so many friends thanks to that fact!
People that have been (and still are) such amazing support!

It lets me create stories in a way I can't with my native

It opens up so many possibilities!


So much,,

I use it so much on a daily basis it became completely normal for me
Even my thoughts are mostly in English
it's just


I adore all the languages and cultures
However, English is the closest to my heart

//Sorry for the spam
//I am hyped
i haven't posted in 11 days o o P s

why does this song make me so sad

~ yea
i really 
miss you 
miss you
i said
smile at the chance to just see you again
i really miss you
miss you
i said


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